Many people define being rich as having a lot of money or assets. From the financial aspect, travel is usually a big expense and causes a reduction of your assets, but it really gives you many invaluable things that make you richer in many aspects like experience, knowledge, friendship, etc. Eight good reasons why travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer are as follows

Travel gives you priceless memories

travel brings you priceless memories

Travelling is all about the memories that you create along the way. These memories stay with you forever. Years later, when you look back on, you will still remember the cool breeze blowing through your hair as you strolled along the fantastic beach in Maldives, the majestic Taj Mahal lit by the golden light during sunrise in India, the cute giant pandas you touched closely in China, etc. These memories will bring a smile to your face.

Travel enriches your knowledge

When traveling, you will learn a lot of knowledge which cannot be learned from books or in schools. Education from travel is more fun, more rewarding and also open up more opportunities for you. With the world being your teacher, you can learn more important things, like some life skills, in a diverse way.

Travel shows you rich cultures

During travel, you enlighten yourself about different cultures. When you visit a new place, you will meet people of different cultures, see how they are living, and then talk to them. Then you will get to learn their culture, traditions, history and even language, and also arts and crafts which are new to you. You will also get to learn the food and fashion habits of the people living in that place.

Travel broadens your horizons

As the writer, Marcel Proust says, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”. Travel unravels the beauties and the beasts of a world you are unfamiliar with and introduces you to a great diversity of people. Travel gives you a peek into what the rest of the world is like and an opportunity to experience the lives of a million others for a moment. Soon you will find that you no longer have narrow-mindedness towards life or people.

Travel is a good investment

travel is a good investment

Travel is an investment that cannot be snatched by anyone from you, just like education. What can you learn from travel? Patience, kindness, openness, worldly views, the first-hand education of cultures, languages, morals, values, ethics…these surely will be beneficial to you in the future. It also likes investing memories in your head.

Travel satisfies your curiosity about the world

You are curious to see the world and to learn about other cities, countries, and cultures. But you could never accomplish while in your comfort zone. So you step out the comfort zone and start traveling. You will become always open to trying something new. Your curiosity about the world will be satisfied in the most beautiful and exotic locations all around the world

Travel brings precious friendships

You know so many people along your journey, make friends with them, and also share thoughts and experiences with each other. You will gradually become an expert in making friends, and have friends everywhere you go. These friends will influence you in some way and you will keep in touch with most of them for a lifetime.

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